What are your dreams and intuitive callings?

Every once in awhile, we all have that spark of intuition, that something we dream of doing, creating, and being. It is that something that ignites our heart and soul, something we are passionate about that we know if we could just do all the time and be financially abundant, we would truly live, love, and BE our bliss. What many of us face is the challenge of turning that spark into a flame and allowing the flame to become a fire. We ALL have this spark within that is unique to ourselves. Many of us also have seemingly incessant reasons why we perceive this thing can’t be done or maybe think it’s just not possible because of life’s circumstances. But we don’t just have these feelings because they’re something that is impossible. We have them because it is our unique vision and gift to bring to this world, to uplift and inspire, to be of highest benefit for everyone you meet – by simply just being YOU.

One of the most common perceived hurdles is the HOW, the method, the strategy, the what ifs and shoulds. What if it doesn’t work? What if I’m not good enough? Should I really even try? How am I really that much different when there’s so many others already doing this same thing? You ARE MORE than enough, nothing stops working if you don’t cease trying, and all you need is listen to your heart and intuitive guidance. It matters not if there’s people already doing this thing you dream, only you can bring to the world your unique visions and creations. If it were meant to be done by someone else, you wouldn’t have this deep desire and intuitive drive that right now maybe only shows up in your consciousness sometimes. Life is (perceived) as so chaotic, and we are all “too busy”. Where to begin can be so overwhelming that it keeps us from beginning at all because we focus on the final product first, only to then immediately “see” everything that makes us feel like we just can’t follow our dreams.

I invite you to simply just begin and LET GO of the mind and perceived road blocks. Just begin and allow the ideas to flow and evolve as they happen in real time. Take that first step, take the stand, take the swing! Just do the thing, and allow everything else to follow.

So this is my expression of my visions of what I want to create and bring to the world. Right now, it is a website that is just a beginner’s blog. There’s not much to it right now, but this is me and my beginning to what I feel intuitively to create. Again, I ask what are your dreams and intuitive callings? Connect with us, let’s talk about it. Only by coming together as a whole (within humanity), one connection with one other person at a time, do we truly thrive. Let’s go on this journey together.