Focused Being.. Sometimes

Many people in the Western world think of meditation as “stillness” and “absence of mind”. This is a misconception. If I were to tell you, “Don’t think about spidees”, you’re going to instantly see a spider of some kind in your mind. That was a typo, but it works, does it not?

Instead of perceiving meditation as a thoughtless-state, perhaps accept thoughts will come to mind and that is okay. The goal is to observe your mind without judgment and to let go of incoming thoughts as they arise in the present moment. If you instantly think of work, things you plan to do, a significant other, etc., simply don’t judge the thought (i.e. self talk: “I have such a scattered mind, I CANNOT quiet the mind”), let it pass through you like smoke. Thought comes in and goes right back out. You are observing yourself as if you were outside of yourself. Let it all come and go; “just be” as the saying goes. The meditation is exercising your astral/etheric/energy body, so even if you’re bombarded with thoughts, simply the intent and visualizations will result in it being so for your energy body. Thoughts are energy and therefore directly affect your energy body and everything else in life (interactions with other people, how people perceive you, the circumstances and experiences you attract; so on and so forth). Intent and willingness is all you need! In essence, because all of your bodies are connected (physical, mental, emotional, astral, ethereal), working with ONE profoundly heals ALL.

To begin.
Once comfortable in your space and without interruptions, close your eyes and focus on your heart. Feel your heart, feel love.

If you have to imagine things or people you love in order to do this, I invite you to do so. If you feel so inclined, you can also add to this, the desire, willingness, and intent to feel connected with all sentient beings and life, and to be your highest truth for the highest benefit of all. I like to declare my intent for my “light body” (ethereal body) to merge as one with all of my aspects; all of my selves across all dimensions and all space and time. This is meant to be joyful and playful. Have FUN, experiment with what resonates within. What I love most about meditation is the results come from within, not an external source. While you can question yourself incessantly, if the results and truth you find do not cease, what is there that is left to question? Think for example a person you know, or perhaps it is yourself, that is told who to be, who to follow as a role model, what to think, and how to act. We cannot force our personal stuff onto others; by doing so, you are only limiting them to your vision. The beautiful opportunity we have in our lives, in this world right now, is to think for ourselves. For me, the end game result is to be who I envision myself as, if I were bringing my best version of self to the table. Every. Single. Moment. Every. Single. Day. Instead of seeking guidance outside of yourself; I only ask and invite you to ask yourself, what danger is there really to seek within and just be you; that unequivocal self that no one else can be?

Moving on.. So at this point, centered in the heart and without judgment, ready for thoughts that may come.. Perhaps focused on the intent to let go of who you think you are, to seek and find your highest truth  for highest benefit of all beings..

Next, imagine a pillar of white light descending from the cosmos and entering the top of your head. See this pillar of white light move through your entire body and out through your feet, descending further into Earth, then anchoring into the core. You are now connected above and below with the pillar of white light. If you so desire, you can then imagine a second pillar of white light that goes in the opposite direction simultaneously; from the core of Earth, through your feet and entire body, through the top of your head, and straight up to the cosmos.

Stay with this vision as long as possible. Once you have a solid vision in your mind, you can also expand the white light throughout your entire body; let your body fill completely in every cell of your being (even your mitochondrion are feeling this!). Perhaps expand that light further until you are emitting the light yourself, and the light is filling the room. Maybe the light extends into your entire home, and even further into the town you live in, the state, country, whole world! Glow for as long as you desire.

When you’re done, you simply open your eyes, wiggle your toes, and go about your day. I also like to give thanks to the universe, and believe in expressing gratitude. This can be gratitude to yourself for taking the time to do this for yourself; and if you feel drawn to do so, gratitude to the universe for the shared time (kind of like a thank you to a friend you just spent time with). Some people may also like to thank God, Divine Creator, Nature itself – again, whatever resonates with you.

This is most effective if done daily. I’ve done this for 7 years and still do not practice daily. However, this is when I think in terms of, “I sat down for 15 or 30 to 45 minutes and really had a meditation”. A meditation can be 60 seconds, if that’s all you have time for. The point is, you’re putting in your intent and willingness. Any amount of time is beneficial. So really, when awakening for the day or when going to bed, you can do this. You can even do this while doing any mundane task like sitting at a desk or walking to your car (walking meditation). Many days, these are the only moments I may put in the effort and awareness.

Doing this regularly, any kind of time for consecutive days, will result in profound, beneficial change that I cannot describe. I simply invite you to try and find out for yourself. 🙂


To summarize the key focus: Intent and willingness to be your highest, best self, for the highest benefit of all. Transformation of this world begins with each individual, from within.

Eventually the mind is quiet and those incessant bombardments of thoughts do indeed cease. Ultimately, this skill evolves “thinking” into being in a state without the use of words – a lot easier and streamlined, for thoughts are really just language slowing down being to a defined, limited understanding. The brain is a third-dimensional tool, not a necessity. This, my friends, is heart-centered, pure and genuine, intuition.

The “focused being sometimes” simply becomes being.

Cue “Becoming” by Nine Inch Nails. Or don’t, but it’s fun and reminds me of Dragon Ball Z when Goku fights Cooler the first time. Or is it The Revenge of Cooler? Nonetheless, “Change” by Deftones most definitely plays at some point.

Thank you for reading.

Be joyful, be love, be you. Noone else can possibly fill those shoes, much less walk in them. <3


4 thoughts on “Focused Being.. Sometimes”

  1. I’ll have to give this technique a try. I always have a really hard time with what I’ve heard refered to as “mindful meditation,” where you just try to clear your mind and gently dismiss any errant thoughts. My mind always seems to wander, and I just wind up planning with my eyes closed. I need something to focus on, even if it’s as simple as a place or object. For a while, I just used guided meditation videos on YouTube, but now I like exercises like this that you can do on your own in your spare time.

    1. I preferred guided meditations at first, as well. I think any form, even if it’s not sitting at all; maybe dancing or playing music, or creating art, in your case! Any kind of creative expression can also be a meditation, in motion <3

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