Moving Beyond Fear

Fear is the densest energy we know while being human.

If you can imagine your energy being one with all energy – your friends, family, pets.. But also further: neighbors, co-workers.. Seemingly random people that you meet for a brief moment when you feel so deeply that the encounter itself was such a meaningful aspect of your being that you couldn’t conceive your life without.. As humans, we are all essentially energy.

Why would we ever believe we are not one with everything, being that everything is energy?

To follow, it would only make sense then, being one with all that is, we are one with God. Some people love that term, some people turn away from such (what can be) a strictly defined, limiting, and rigid concept.

For myself, I can only understand and imagine that any faith and intention to spend time with the Divine (prayer, worship, meditation, acts of kindness, anything); whether it be with Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha, Quan Yin, White Tara, Bridgett, Krishna, Ra, Horus, Thoth, Hermes, Bast, Osiris, Isis, Lakshmi.. It matters not, there are many paths to the same one Divine primordial source.

Being is consciousness, and vice versa. As consciousness in a human vessel, we experience each other and ourselves as separate from ourselves, each other, and all of creation. What if though, we really are one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively and our reality as we experience it is founded upon how we perceive and try to formulate how we understand it?

Every being then is truly unique. I try to perceive life and everyone as the Divine expressing itself in endless variety.

Sure, we can say we’re empathic or empathetic and feel emotions from other people when they share their stories and what shaped them for who they are.. But is it that, or perhaps we feel them because we are one, energetically? What if you could talk to someone and truly just feel and experience what they’re describing to you? What if together, what you experience with each other energetically is actually an understanding and very real experience, where telepathy perhaps does exist?

We can say, “You couldn’t possibly know or understand why someone is the way they are until you walk in their shoes.” But how could you  truly walk in another’s shoes if each individual is the collection of their own unique experiences and expressions of mind, heart, and soul? We can have a super fun conversation about past lives and kind of imagine or feel what we think they may have been. Some people may even remember them. What I found in myself is I limited the concept of past lives to my human experience for quite some time. What about lifetimes in other dimensions, planets.. galaxies? For some, talking about or even spending any energy thinking about such a thing is so ridiculous there is no benefit or reason to even consider it at all. What this does for me is breaks the box that was my mind.

What if when looking into anyone’s eyes, you’re seeing lifetimes and experiences beyond anything you could ever conceive?

On that same note, I can say that in accordance with being one with all that is; energetically, you could walk in someone else’s shoes because, as one energy of all that is or ever will be, we can tune into each other and know on a soul level so much more than our minds could ever describe.

A mentor of mine that I love so very much said the mind is only a third dimensional tool. We live and perceive our reality within separation and duality, so of course oneness and being that – feeling, remembering, and experiencing that is something (even if you believe in it like I do) that you have to intend and practice regularly, because we are so deeply engulfed otherwise (which is understandable if we were to be so courageous to even dare to consider we’ve been in separation and duality for countless lifetimes).. Habits – true habits of being – can be super challenging to break! At any rate, it doesn’t have to be.

To move beyond the mind , that thing we use that only interprets, organizes, and attempts to assemble everything it perceives into what we would love to consider as “cohesive understanding”.. is to let go of mind entirely. To move beyond into feeling and experiencing oneness and energy with each other and everything that exists, is to function from the heart. The mind loves to play games with itself, and it’s very proficient in doing so.

The mind will find incessant ways to find contradiction to talk itself out of almost anything.

Back to the point and reason for posting; the title of the post itself:

To move beyond fear, the densest energy we could choose to embody; the stuff that manifests and keeps us from truly thriving and living our lives with the most absolute joy and unconditional love, from really just being our true soul self, for highest benefit of all.. is the imagination of what we perceive ourselves to be and experience.

Cue Imagine – APC

It matters not what you want to think of, but thoughts are energy and energy manifests.. Sometimes our thoughts are on auto-pilot so much to the degree that we don’t even notice them; they’re so habitual that we take them on as being who we are (when we are so much more). Our thoughts create our experience and the reality we define for ourselves.

So why not then, would we have any desire other than imagining absolute joy and fulfillment, from the depths of our hearts and souls?

End note:

Another great mentor of mine taught me to infuse ethos, pathos, and logos into my writing. I haven’t done that on this post in the ways that I desire and envision. What I did this evening was really getting out my initial thoughts; which have to include mind to put into words, but all the while they come straight from my heart. Stay tuned and I will absolutely love to share more of the science and wealth of information that already exists to support the topics mentioned here. This type of stuff also branches out endlessly into so much more. Thank you for reading. Meanwhile.. Suggested reading: Nature of Consciousness by Alan Watts..  Listen here.

As always, unconditionally love yourself and know you are absolutely loved in return. You are perfect the way you are right now, be easy on yourself; treat yourself with the utmost care like you would any cherished family member or friend.

Be joy, be love, be the Divine that lies within.

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