I’ve been working within and transforming myself for many years to ultimately help others do the same; my focus being self actualization as One for highest benefit of all. I am developing clarity for everything I’m creating, from free resources to workshops, meditations, and programs. I would love to personally connect with you if you are going through a difficult time. These questions of course originate from the feelings I’ve experienced along my journey (as we all have in some form or another).

Are you..

~ Feeling depressed, anxious, stagnant, unfulfilled, angry, insecure, unsure, overwhelmed, lost, terrified, powerless, isolated, broken, disconnected, disassociated, devastation, or despair ?

~ Reliving the past over and over, fearful for your future, feeling helpless or hopeless, or both ?

~ Unsure of who you are, where you are going, or why you are here ?

I would love to hear your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and get to know you by inviting you to complete a completely private questionnaire. Your sharing benefits many, as I will be using what I receive to gain further clarity with how I may be of highest benefit in service to all, with unconditional love in everything I create.

I express my gratitude by offering free readings upon completion of the questionnaire. This can include what I pick up intuitively from your sharing, a card reading, perhaps an analysis of your birth chart and present astrological alignments, or all of the above, if you desire to receive. If I receive an overwhelming number of requests, I will provide an update at that time.

If interested, please e-mail me at alchemical.stardust@gmail.com and we can get started. There are thirteen questions, and I invite you to set aside some quiet, alone time to complete; perhaps with some incense or sage, candles, light music, meditation (whatever helps you feel super comfy and cozy); giving yourself permission to open and relax.

This website was created after I took an English class when I returned to college to pursue Nursing last year (a short-lived experience), prior to becoming an Intuitive Coach and Healer, as certified by Katelyn Edgar through her Intuitive Coaching School. In English class, I was so blessed to have a teacher that introduced me to Alan Watts and interwove many metaphysical readings and prompts in his class. He appreciated my assignments so much that I realized deeply that I am a channel through my writing and felt inspired to take on writing publicly. I’m presently in Eckhart Tolle’s school, which culminates this month of June 2019, and this questionnaire comes to you as part of a workshop I’m undertaking from Allison Braun called Clarity to Clients.

I am leaving free value for those who may not necessarily receive a free reading from me, in the comments of my Facebook post here. These are links to archives of recorded channelings of Ascended Masters by Tom Barry (ALL FREE of course); of which, I listened to for years now and they have helped me tremendously in my seeking to know and experience Oneness along the ascension path.

With SO MUCH love, and thank you! 💖🙏💖