I am a certified intuitive coach, healer, channel and guide to assist you in whatever you need to align yourself with your truth within. What that means is your greatest joy and absolute fulfillment, a stripping away of blocks, fears, identifications.. Who you think you are.. To know and experience your true self, which is someone beyond anything any one of us could ever put into words or conceptualize. I am dedicated to you and your soul embodiment, for the highest benefit of all of humanity, for the transformation in this world beings with us.

What is it like to work with me?

My sessions are not specific like, “We are doing x, y, z.” I don’t do anything that is already planned; nor do we do anything together that is not aligned with your truth. In my sessions, it is my job to feel intuitively what the high realms (Angels, God, Divine Source, whichever term is meaningful and powerful to you in your spirituality) are guiding me to do to be of highest benefit for you, so I never know what that is going to be beforehand. I only feel it out moment by moment during the session itself, with presence as taught by Eckhart Tolle.

With all that being said, there is most definitely strategic mapping and discernment (puzzle piecing, if you will) once we get started, AFTER we first complete the preliminary transformative breakthrough session, which is FREE. Too, the breakthrough session absolutely could result with my recommendation to work with another coach – again, I am in this for what is in tune with YOUR truth and what YOU resonate with. If working with me feels guided, I will let you know. If not, I will let you know. The preliminary transformative breakthrough session allows me to tune in and decipher what is resonate with you. There are many, many free resources available, too.

First, we establish clarity with where you are versus where you desire to be; however, the ultimate goal is complete self-love first and foremost, to reach full integration and soul embodiment. This work requires honesty, a willingness to commit to self-reflection and awareness; and really just a willingness to open yourself up, giving yourself permission, to receive the support that is ceaselessly flowing into this planet from all of the cosmos, and is already available to you now within yourself, more than ever in human history. You can essentially do all of this on your own – you do not NEED to fix anything or actually DO anything, but sometimes assistance with what we want to create and experience in our lives is desired. I am here for you for that very reason; but more importantly, I am here to only assist you in becoming absolutely self-sufficient, with the goal of self mastery. My intention is to be of highest service for you, if you feel resonate and drawn to work with me, for only as long as you truly desire. My goal is to help you enough that you no longer desire another session, which could be in one or two sessions for some, and may be several more for others. We will not work on anything together that is not absolutely aligned with your highest good and embodiment of your inner truth. This work is intended for you to know and experience your own inner guidance.

This sacred work is “the great work” of all life, the only difference is learning how to use the knowledge and tools with practical application, consciously instead of unconsciously. YOU experience IMMEDIATE changes in your life. I can release energy blocks, guide you through soul retrieval, past life regressions, heart expansion, soul integration into wholeness, connectedness with God and all of life.. MANY things. First and foremost, there is NO process I work on with you that I haven’t gone through myself with Katelyn Edgar (my personal coach, mentor, loving guide, healer, Kundalini yoga teacher, intuitive alchemist, embodiment of Divine love, and soul sister). There is NO finish line in the realms of inner work, expanding consciousness, and ascending. I am right here along with you. I do not stop applying these tools on myself, and I will absolutely be here for you cheering you on, forever into the dimensions of eternity.

Powerful energy healing happens when you learn and use the tools available to us all; a transmission of the highest love energies from the universe. A big cosmic hug that you will forever carry with you.

What this looks like:

💖 Releasing subconscious beliefs that are blocking you from where you desire to be

💖 Strengthening your intuition and receiving clearer guidance on your own

💖 Freeing yourself from habitual patterns of thoughts and behavior that have kept you stuck

💖 Learning processes and techniques to grow deeper into self love, and thus greater love for all of life and everyone around you

💖 Moving beyond fears you once identified with

💖 Empowering yourself to truly create the life of your dreams

💖 And SO MUCH more!!

Transformation of this world and humanity begins with US, with each of us; within the individual. Some are familiar, while others are not. If you are interested in studying, I recommend metaphysics, quantum physics, spiritual alchemy (Hermeticism), world religions, and unity consciousness (the ascension movement); making a note to notice how science and spirit can make sense in tandem with one another, and do not have to be separate.. Making a note, perhaps, that separation does not exist in anything.

Nonetheless, if you do have questions for me, message me or post directly. If you’d like your question kept confidential, just let me know. Feel free to message me about anything and everything. You may do so from either the Facebook Group page Love, Healing as One, or you may contact me at Alchemical.Stardust@gmail.com

I am here for you. I love you.

As well as..


Sat Nam. 💖🙏